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The not so F, FAQ

Eight questions that you didn’t ask but we are answering them anyways. At ChecklistDC, our guiding principle is less clicking, more…events!

#1 Why is this website so basic?

You may have noticed that ChecklistDC is one giant list…on purpose. On other event websites, you have to click on their link for the event before you can get to the link for actual website made by the event organizer (with all the important information)—ain’t nobody got time for that!

We got tired of having to click on a dozen links, just to get the minimum information required to attend an event. That’s why on ChecklistDC, the main page includes the date, location, time, price, and a brief description. Although a website’s popularity is measured by how many clicks it gets, we preferred to build one that is easy to use.

#2 How can I show my support?

Please share our website with your friends and follow us on social media. Let us know if you attended an event and what your experience was. We’ll use that information to help curate the list. If you would like to donate toward the cost of maintaining this website, our Venmo account is @checklistdc. Thanks!

#3 Why should I care about events?

DC is a fun city and the bars are packed…but only during the weekends. If you’re looking to meet some people on a normal weekday, even U Street is pretty dead. However, at an event, there’s a ton of people! Another side bonus is that you’ll get to try a lot of budget wine at receptions—for free!

#4 What are your favorite events?

ChecklistDC is a curation of events that we enjoy—and hope that you will too! We often get asked what our favorite events are. Here’s the answer:

  • Will I learn something new? 
  • Will there be food/drinks?* ​
  • Is it free? 

There you have it!

Learning + Drinks + Free = Events Trifecta

*Sometimes we work through lunch. It’s a welcome relief when we’d like to attend activities after work and they include food!

#5 Can I advertise/suggest an event?

Yes! Shoot us an email at [email protected].

Promoted Events: Please contact us to discuss an advertising and promotion plan.

Suggested Events: Is there an event that should be added to our list? Let us know! We cannot guarantee that every one would make it onto the site but we’ll do our best!

#6 What is with the ⭐ emoji?

Events denoted with a star (⭐) are ones that we personally know to be worth your while.

We go out too much and turned it into a public service. From lectures to food soirees, herein is every event that’s worth your while—and nothing that isn’t.

As events addicts who are still in the denial stage of FOMO (we don’t have a problem!), we made ChecklistDC to legitimize how much we go out.

#7 OK…but what about the other emojis?

ChecklistDC is comprised of a group of friends who wanted to work on a project together. The person who updates the most really likes emojis. With great power, comes great responsibility…

#8 Do you go to all of these events?

No, and we would love to! There are a lot of events happening every single day all over DC. As much as we would like to go to every single one, all the Time-Turners were destroyed in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

#9 Where do you find all of these events?

To all of our loyal event-goers, please find some of the resources we use below:
DCist – Weekly Things To Do
Facebook Events
Average Socialite
Brightest Young Things – Agenda
Washington Post – Going Out Guide
Culture Capital
Culture Tourism DC
The Hill – Events
Hill Happenings
DC INNOvation
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