How to Meet People and Build a Social Life in Washington DC

Random Events

Meet people at events! This website – and also other resources at the bottom of our About page.

Social Clubs

Professional Clubs

Foreign Affairs Discussions & Embassy Events


Entrepreneurship / Startup

Rotary Club

General Networking

Activity and Hobby Clubs

ThingsToDoDC, Meetup Group (Embassy Events in DC for Young Professionals) – Paid events such as embassy receptions, parties (e.g. New Years), cruises, ran by a former DC Lawyer and a co-owner. Lower cost events can be found (even at embassies), but these still can be fun.

The Washington DC Photography Group

ZenAdventures: Hiking, Yoga,Tai Chi, Meditation & Adventures

Washington DC Comedy Writing Group

Hiking / Outdoors

Foreign Language Meetups





Rec Social Sports Leagues

Note: Kickball has the biggest players and is the most popular to make the most friends! Big alcohol drinking culture, however (playing flip cup at bars after as a team).

Other Means

Bumble BFF – It works! We have friends who came to this city knowing no one and developed big core social groups through the app.

Workout Classes
Note: Not only gyms but there are also outdoor classes such as at Farragut Square or Lululemon Yoga

Religious Clubs and Communities


Other Local Events such as at Coffee Shops or Bookstores or Board Game spots

School – Get an advanced degree!

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